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  • Several key energy efficiency indicators about air compressor units

    1) The specific power of the unitUnit specific power: refers to the ratio of air compressor unit power to unit volume flow under specified operating conditions. The unit is: KW/m³/minIt can be easily understood that the specific power reflects the power of the unit required to generate the same amou

    2022 10-18
  • The difference between fixed frequency air compressor and variable frequency air compressor

    1. First of all, it is reflected in the motor. The fixed frequency motor is generally an asynchronous motor, and the variable frequency motor is a synchronous motor;2. The fixed-frequency motor has a constant speed, even if the air compressor does not need to be pumped, the motor will run at the rat

    2021 12-28
  • Crownwell Logistics Lean Project

    In order to service all our loyal customers better, we launched Crownwell Logistics Lean Project from this year beginning, which is on line now, we have optimized the logistic process, reduced the logistic cycle time, all Crownwell products are traceable. It is to match Crownwell core valve: Do what

    2021 11-24
  • Air compressor terminology

    Air compressor terminology1. Dew point: Saturated air at a certain pressure reduces the temperature to reach saturation while keeping the water vapor partial pressure unchanged. (That is, the condensation water will precipitate out), the temperature at this time is called the dew point temperature.2

    2020 10-20
  • The summer is coming, how to maintain the air compressor?

    The summer is coming, how to maintain the air compressor?1, ambient temperatureThe most common cause of compressor overheating is the surrounding temperature and environment. For example: on a hot summer day, is your air compressor placed near the window? Are there any overheated devices next to the

    2020 06-10
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