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Products and services range from manufacturing, design, R&D, sales, related aftersales installation & repair of air compressor, air treatment equipment, compressed air equipment and air compressor spare parts. 


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  • Customer Satisfaction
    Crownwell sales team first response within 8 hours, customer satisfaction is the KPI for Crownwell staff.
  • Quality Assurance
    Crownwell on-site technical support available in 56 countries, spare parts on stock to support immediate shipment. 
  • Competitive Price
    We provide the most competitive price to our customers, if customers find any other suppliers’price lower than us, customers can contact us directly.
  • Warranty Policy
    Crownwell warranty of products: standard 3 years, extension 5-10 years.


Crownwell is an Asia-leading provider of compressed air energy-saving system solutions. 
We engage in technology development, technical consulting and technical services in the field of energy saving and smart control technology. As a technology-oriented company, in close cooperation with customers and business partners, and over 15 years of experience, Crownwell innovates for superior productivity.

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Currently Compressor business division has 2 offices and 56 agents worldwide, with more than 500 staffs, including more than 180 sales engineers, 200 service engineers, and more than 30000 units compressors.
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More than 500 Staffs
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10. April 2020
Crownwell oil-free screw air compressor boosts mask production

Crownwell oil-free compressor boosts mask production Crownwell oil-free air compressor provides air source for mask production line, no oil and no pollution, clean air in multiple process sections.

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17. April 2020
Crownwell Air Receiver

Crownwell Air ReceiverIn addition to gas storage and buffer functions, the gas storage tank is also a simple separation tank. It uses the volumetric slow separation principle to achieve the purpose of separating part of the oil and water in the compressed air. Therefore, in addition to gas storage t

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14. April 2020
Compressed air solutions for wine making

Compressed air solutions for wine makingCompressors, nitrogen generators and blowers play a key role in winemaking applications:● The air compressor helps to introduce oxygen into the wine; in this way, it can breathe and soften before it is placed in the bottle. Compressors are also essential to pr

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Crownwell’s vision is to become and remain Do what is Right for its customers and other key stakeholders.
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