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​When to repair and when to replace the air compressor?

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When to repair and when to replace the air compressor?

If compressed air is an indispensable part of daily business operations, and downtime will cause you a lot of production costs, then for you, whether to repair or replace the damaged compressor is particularly important. However, although choosing to repair a compressor seems to be more cost-effective than buying a new compressor, it may not be the most economical option in the long run.
Before making a decision, let us consider some factors. Cost and operating life are the main considerations. Although the new compressor may be expensive, it is worth noting that if you consider the cost incurred during the ten-year service life, the actual purchase price of the new compressor is only about 10% of the total cost. In fact, the cost of actually running the compressor-that is, your electricity bill! – So far it is the main cost (about 75%).

Other factors that affect your decision whether to repair or replace a compressor include the life of the compressor; compared with new models, equipment with higher energy efficiency, and its repair history and overall reliability.

Repair and replacement
Before choosing to phase out existing compressors, it is wise to check the system thoroughly in case the failure is due to easy repair. Your compressor may be damaged due to various reasons, not all damage is irreparable! This is of course your local compressed air service technician can help.

The new compressor is expensive, right?
Yes, the new air compressor seems to be very expensive at first. But considering energy savings, energy credits that power providers may provide, increased reliability, and reduced maintenance costs, the payback period is usually shorter than you think. The initial cost also does not take into account the potentially destructive cost of compressor shutdown.

Calculating the life cycle cost of an air compressor before purchasing new equipment is a sensible way to analyze the total investment. In addition, when reviewing other products and systems, life cycle cost assessment can also be used as a comparison tool; to help evaluate the operating environment, energy saving and higher production quality requirements; and to reveal areas where energy efficiency can be improved.

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