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Six reasons and solutions for exhaust oil in screw air compressor

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Six reasons and solutions for exhaust oil in screw air compressor

1. Damage to the oil separation core

Damage to the oil separation core is a common phenomenon, so the equipment needs to be inspected before the screw compressor is operated. It should be strictly followed in accordance with the operating procedures during use, and the equipment should be regularly maintained after use. If the oil separation core is found to be damaged or perforated, it should be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

2. There is a problem with the oil return

During the operation of the equipment, if the return oil path is blocked, the pressure drop of the separator needs to be checked first. If there is no problem with the pressure drop, the oil separator core needs to be cleaned. To be replaced.

3. The system pressure control is too low

For operators, they should be familiar with the control pressure of the equipment. When problems are found, the load of the system should be reduced to make the system pressure reach the rated working pressure.

4, the problem of minimum pressure valve failure

In actual operation, if the minimum pressure valve is found to be ineffective, it must be replaced, and work must be performed after the replacement is completed.

5. The problem of excessive cooling oil added to the compressor

When adding cooling oil to the compressor, you should first understand the theoretical value of how much cooling oil should be added to the equipment. There should be a special person responsible for the addition of cooling oil. It should generally be controlled below the middle of the sight glass.

6, the quality of cooling oil

The addition of cooling oil should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of equipment for cooling oil, because the requirements of different equipment for cooling oil are different. After addition, the addition time should be recorded. After the cooling oil reaches the service life, it should be replaced on time. The quality of the added cooling oil should be strictly controlled to prevent the addition of unqualified cooling oil.

Hope these tips help you~

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