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Maintenance Tips for Compressors in Spring

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Spring is here and just like our house needs a nice spring cleaning, so does our compressor room. After a long winter and temperatures starting to rise, compressor maintenance might be something you'll be neglecting. But maintaining an energy-efficient air compressor room and avoiding unnecessary downtime requires ongoing maintenance that is a top priority throughout the year. Here are four things to consider this spring.

Increase humidity

As the temperature rises, so does the humidity

As air warms, it is able to hold more water vapor. When the air is compressed and cooled, the moisture condenses and turns back into a liquid. If water gets into your system, it can cause a variety of problems. It's important to make sure your condensate trap, drain and dryer are all working.

Monitor compressor temperature

Some days are warm and sunny, while others are cool and rainy. Air compressors generate a lot of heat, which combined with high temperatures can cause problems. Monitoring and recording the temperature of your compressor throughout the day can help you notice and act quickly when it gets too hot. It's also important to make sure the cooler is working properly.

Ventilation is key

If the compressor is in a closed room without proper cooling or ventilation, the machine may overheat. Overheating can cause unnecessary and costly downtime. Make sure the compressor room is well ventilated. This can help prevent unnecessary downtime, keeping your production reliable throughout the spring.

Check your filters

With the onset of spring, an abundance of pollen can tax your compressor system. When compressors suck in ambient air, they also suck in any particles that are floating in the air. In spring, an increase in pollen and allergens means filters will work hard to remove contaminants from your compressed air supply. By sticking to a preventative maintenance schedule, you can ensure your filters are in good working order. If you're not, watch for unusual pressure drops; they could indicate a clogged filter.

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