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Air compressor terminology

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Air compressor terminology

1. Dew point: Saturated air at a certain pressure reduces the temperature to reach saturation while keeping the water vapor partial pressure unchanged. (That is, the condensation water will precipitate out), the temperature at this time is called the dew point temperature.

2. Compression ratio: the ratio of the compressor discharge pressure to the absolute pressure of the intake.

3. Absolute pressure takes into account that the ambient atmosphere where we live has an absolute pressure of 0.1 MPa compared with a complete vacuum or absolute zero value.

4. Atmospheric pressure: a measure of atmospheric pressure. Absolute pressure = pressure gauge display pressure + atmospheric pressure.

5. Saturated air: When no more water vapor can be contained in the air, the air is saturated, and any pressurization and cooling will cause the precipitation of condensed water.

6. Atmospheric air: The air under the specified pressure of 0.1MPa, temperature of 20℃ and relative humidity of 36% is normal air.

7. Standard state: the air provided to the user system under the specified suction pressure of 0.1MPa and temperature of 0℃.

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